1. Gasket KIT

For cylinder head


For cylinder block
This kit includes the o-rings, seals, and gaskets needed
when repairing the cylinder head and block.

2. Short Blocks

• All assemblies contain crankshaft with gear, cylinder block, oil cooler, pistons, liners, connecting rods, piston rings and bearings.
• Standard new parts warranty is 6 months, from date of purchase by initial user.
• Special packaging film is used which ensures cleanness during shipping.

Customer's Benefits:
• Reduce repair time and machine down time for engine overhauls.
• Wide product coverage reduces inventory requirements.
• Cost effective. Assembly is less expensive than sum of the individual parts
• Eliminate confusion due to improper parts.

3. Rain Caps

This prevents rain from entering the exhaust pipe

4. Exhaust Pipe

The exhaust system is designed so that the operator will not be affected by exhaust gas , smoke or noise. There are two types of exhaust pipe on wheel loaders: one type with glass wool, and the other type without glass wool.

5. Muffler

The Muffler is a device to reduce the exhaust noise

6. Cylinder Liners

Wet and dry type liners are used in Komatsu engines. The inside surface of most cylinder liners are nitrided in order to reduce excessive wear and prevent scuffing. Plateau honing are applied to most cylinder liners.

7. Pistons
Ductile cast iron pistons and aluminium pistons are used in Komatsu engines for high durability and reliability.

8. Piston Rings

The purpose of piston rings is to seal compression gas pressure inside the cylinder wall, and to transmit heat from the piston to the cylinder liner. They are made of special cast iron having high thermal resisting and wear-proof properties and high strength

9. Bearings

These bearings support the severest running portion of crankshaft as the engine bearings and therefore, they are subjected to heavy surface pressure and severe high speed running motion. Each bearing is made of a single metal (as the base metal) but also has lining (intermediate layer) and overlay (surface layer) on the base metal to obtain the high strength and break-in properties required for bearings shown above

10. Thermostat

The thermostat acts to open the valve to the radiator circuit when the temperature of the cooling water in the engine circuit reaches a certain temperature. The valve starts to open at approx. 770C and is fully open at 900C

11. Fuel Water Separators

The fuel water separator removes the water in fuel. This prevents the water in the fuel from having any adverse effect on the fuel injection system.

12. Air Intake Heaters

The air intake heater is installed to the intake manifold, and acts to heat the intake air to improve the ease of starting the engine.