Seals and Hoses

Hydraulic Cylinder Seal KIT
Seal Washers
Oil Seals
Dust Seals
Seal Rings
Back-Up Rings
Hose Clamps
Low Pressure Hoses
Water Hoses
Fuel Hoses
Fuel Spill Hoses
Air Hoses
Weather Strips

1. Hydraulic Cylinder Seal KIT

The Seal KIT consists of all the O-rings and seals
needed when rebuilding hydraulic cylinders.


It is cheaper to purchase a seal kit than to buy individual parts.
Further more, it is more convenient for ordering and inventory control purposes, to use only one part number.

2. O-Ring

3. Seal Washers

These are mainly used for the joints of hoses in the fuel system.

4. Oil Seals

^These are used to prevent oil from leaking around rotating shafts.
They cannot be used on sliding surfaces.

5. Dust Seals

These are used to prevent dust from entering around sliding shafts

6. Seal Rings

These are used to prevent oil from leaking around rotating shaft.

7. Back-Up Rings

These are mainly installed together with O-Rings and are used to prevent the O-Rings from protruding or twisting.

8. Hose Clamps

These clamps are used when clamping low pressure hoses, fuel level tubes, air hoses, engine water hoses, and radiator hoses which require high reliability.

9. Low Pressure Hoses

Low pressure hoses in different sizes.

10. Water Hoses

These parts are used as the engine breather hose and water drain hoses.

11. Fuel Hoses

These hoses are used as fuel hoses.

12. Fuel Spill Hoses

Fuel spill hoses in different diameter and length.

13. Air Hoses

They are used mainly for compressed air. They must never be used for fuel piping.

14. Weather Strips

This is used to maintain the sealing of the cab.