Tough, reliable = Komatsu genuine

State-of-the-Art Technology

Integration of years of technological advancement along with Komatsu's manufacturing expertise combine to provide a high level of quality without equal.

Proven Durability

Computer selection of undercarriage materials and treatment assures superior wear performance.

Track Links

The hardness of the track link tread and side-surface improves durability and increases strength against impact load. Dust seals are equipped to prevent sand and soil from entering the gap between track links and bushing. Lubricated track link assemblies are also available.

Sprocket Teeth

The sprocket teeth are hardened through a unique heat treatment method for added strength. Deep hardening enhances durability and increases strength against impact load.

Track Shoes

Various track shoes are available to meet any working condition. The grouser hardness strengthens the track shoes against wear and impact load. Excellent ground penetration guarantees a large drawbar pull.


The track / carrier rollers have superior durability due to a special heat treatment process. Floating seals prevent sand and soil from entering.


The hardened tread increases strength against wear, which results in greater durability.