Three functions in one unit !
The advent of the crusher and cutter capable of crushing concrete structures, cutting steel frames and splitting concrete blocks into small pieces.

  • Cutting specifications The cutter can even cut H beam steel and piping. Long cutter length: 500 mm (JCYC19/19R) , 420 mm (JCYC17/17R)
  • Crushing specifications
    Front-end teeth and middle teeth crush concrete structure, while a short cutter cuts reinforcing bars.
    Short cutter length: 300 mm (JCYC19/19R) , 180 mm (JCYC17/17R)
  • Pulverizing specifications
    Most effective in splitting concrete blocks into scantlings and separating reinforcing bars.
  • A low height cab allows the machine to pass under a 2.5 meter high beam.
  • Ring hooks for lifting the machine are installed as standard equipment.

    Synchronous arm movement As the two arms move symmetrically with a synchronous pin in their center, they can easily grab target objects, thus assuring work of high efficiency

Main specifications

Envelope drawing