Clamp Bucket


Multi-function bucket completed by employing a built-in special hydraulic unit

Clamp bucket with built-in hydraulic unit
  • The special hydraulic unit produces a large holding force.
  • - Since a small-sized hydraulic unit is employed, the center of gravity of the bucket is set near the top of the arm and a good balance is obtained. In addition, this bucket has the same shape and capacity as the standard bucket.
  • The operator can perform digging work and clamping work without replacing the bucket.
  • This bucket is applicable to the excavators from 0.45m3 (PC120) class to 0.7m3 (PC200) class.

New form to attain multi-functions

The form of the standard bucket is kept by reducing the size of the hydraulic unit.

This attachment is gentle to the operator since it is powerful and does not need to be replaced.

A: Since only 2 parts need to be greased, maintenance is easy.
B: Wide opening angle (120 deg)
C: Wear parts are replaceable.
D: The "tooth" bottom or "cutting edge" bottom can be selected (They are exchanged easily with each other in the field).

Main specifications

Clamp Bucket is not a crusher or an attachment for demolition.
Lifting work is prohibited.

Weight kg 680 1100
Bucket width mm 780
Bucket capacity
(SAE heaped)
m 3 0.45 0.70
Opening mouth width mm 1350
* Additional piping must be installed to the machine to use this product.