Further Break Down of Broken Concrete into Small Pieces and Disposing of Reinforcing Bars
Secondary Concrete Smashing & Reinforcing Bar Cutting

What is its secret for speedy work?
  • The lower jaw is V-shaped to resemble a scoop, thus making the scooping work easy.
What is the secret of its big crushing force?
  • As the crushing tooth is arranged in the center of the upper jaw, the crushing force concentrates on the crushing tooth when splitting broken concrete masses, thus exerting great crushing force.
What is the secret of its low maintenance cost?
  • Both upper and lower jaws can retain a longer service life, as carbide wear-resistant steel is employed in parts vulnerable to wear and tear.

Main specifications

Model PC2007
Pulverizer model
JHGV 200
Machine weight kg 22570
Engine model KOMATSU SAA6D102E
Flywheel power kW(HP/PS) / rpm 107(143 / 145) / 1950
Crushing force
(at X portion)
kN / ton 735 / 75
Crushing force
(at Y portion)
kN / ton 981 / 100
a. Max. open width mm 870
b. Open depth mm 910
c. Cutter length mm 180
d. Upper jaw width mm 400
e. Lower jaw width mm 494
h. Overall height mm 1475
w. Overall width mm 558
l. Overall length mm 2125

Onsite installation of the crusher and cutter requires a base machine to be modified. For more details, consult your Komatsu distributor.

Envelope drawing