The KOMATSU hydraulic breaker design incorporates only two internal moving parts, thus offering reliability and long life.
Each breaker has a wide range of oil flow settings allowing the mounting of the same breaker on a wide range of equipment, for use in a variety of applications such as Constructions, Demolition, Recycling, Mining and Quarrying.
With breakers available in 15 models from 73kg to 4000kg class, you are assured of finding just the right tool for the job.
  • Unified range:
    Based on the concept "imple is best" KOMATSU breakers are built under an identical design philosophy from the smallest breaker (JTHB08) up to the largest breaker (JTHB400).
  • No accumulators:
    Designed to eliminate the traditional rubber bladder type accumulator to minimize maintenance and downtime.
  • A nitrogen filled cushion chamber with low pressure :
    absorbs recoil energy and increases output energy.
    The gas pressure in the cushion chamber is relatively low with
    8 - 11 bar.

Low running costs
Fewer and durable parts, simple structure and no accumulators reduce running cost .
Actually this is the core feature of KOMATSU breakers.
Once you use for a while, you will appreciate the benefitscompared to other brands.

Auto - grease system (option)
(mounted on the bracket)
KOMATSU breakers above JTHB40 can be equipped with an Auto - grease system as option.
The system is fully incorporated in the bracket of the breaker and doesn't require an external power source. Experience the convenience of operating breakers without manual greasing regularly and the extension of the life of your breaker.

Main specifications