The advent of a mobile power shear best suited to various types of shearing work

  • Best suited to shearing work like scrapping, plant demolition, etc.
  • Capable of picking up steel lying on the ground, piercing and cutting
  • The upper jaw cutters curved shape combined with the lower jaw cutters linear structure enables steel to be pulled into the throat and sheared with great force.
  • Cutters come in only two types as upper or lower jaw cutters, reducing cutter inventory and related costs.

Main specifications

(Note 1)
When attempting to cut a steel beam larger than the shear's capablility, first pierce a hole in the web and then cut off the remainder. The shearing capability data shown in the table may vary depending on the shape of steel, condition of inside beams, plate thickness, etc.
(Note 2)
The shearing capability of steel pipes in the table is for ordinary steel pipes. The data may vary depending on materials (stainless steel, cast steel, etc) or pipe thickness.
(Note 3)
The shearing capability data shown in the table represent a typical case and as such does not indicate the max. size of a steel product that the machine is capable of shearing. The shearing capability may vary depending on the circumstances of the steel as well as the condition of the hydraulic excavator - how well the machine is maintained in particular.

Envelope drawing

Outside Drawing                                                   Working Range

Realized both increased shearing force and
reduced maintenance cost