Quick Coupler


Utility model under application

All kinds of attachments can be mounted quickly without modification.
    Safety is assured
  • Attachments can be changed by one simple operation and the adjustment bolt has a safety lock.
  • No modification is required
  • As no modification is required for any of the attachments mounting is quick.
    The fact that hydraulic piping is not required contributes your cost saving.
  • Efficient Operation
  • Attachments can be changed without pin removal, a feature which makes attachment changing quiet, safe and clean operation.

Procedure to mount an attachment


Hook the arm claw of the JKAL onto the pin of the attachment.
Push the bucket cylinder to engage the arm claw with the link claw.
Tighten the adjustment bolt, set the safety lock plate and insert a stopper pin to complete the procedure.

Main specifications

* Pin are not included.
*1 : The above is subject to technical alteration without prior notice.
*2 : Other manufactures' attachments are acceptable.

Envelope drawing

* When JKAL is mounted, the attachment may interfere with a boom or cabin.