Quick Coupler


JKAL Hydraulic
Speedy attachment changer Innovative attachment changer.

All kinds of attachments can be mounted or removed quickly from the operator's seat.
  • Triple safety mechanism consisting of a pilot check valve, safety valve and stopper pin.
  • Simple
  • attachments can be changed easily and quickly from the driver's seat without modification.
  • Light and Strong
  • Two-peace housing structure and high-tension steel make the unit light and very durable.


Easy mounting! procedure


Set the switch on the operation panel of the operator's seat to FREE.
Hook the arm claw of the JKAL onto the pin of the attachment.
Push the bucket cylinder to engage the arm claw with the link claw.
Set the switch to “LOCK” and extend the LOCK cylinder to set it.
Insert a stopper pin to complete the procedure.

Main specifications

* Pin are not included.
*1 : The above is subject to technical alteration without prior notice.
*2 : Other manufactures' attachments are acceptable

. Envelope drawing